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area & location   Conveniently located just an hour and a half from Cape Town (170km), Ceres is situated a cool, verdant valley surrounded by magnificent mountains and on the threshold of the picturesque Breede River Valley.

With orchards and vineyards in abundance, it comes as no surprise to visitors to learn that Ceres is named after the Roman goddess of agriculture and fertility.

Ceres enjoys a Mediterranean climate, and thus receives most of its annual 1100mm of rain in the (southern hemisphere's) winter months, with up to 200mm falling in an average July. January and February are the hottest months of the year, with an average maximum temperature just under 30°C for February. The average minimum temperature for July is 2.4°C – which contributes to the regular snowfalls on the surrounding mountain peaks, for which Ceres has become famous.

The snow usually lasts two weeks, and is a great source of novelty, fun and revenue for locals. There's even the unique opportunity to go skiing or tobogganing in the surrounding mountains – one of the few places in Southern Africa to offer this.


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